OnPoint Create The HQ Video Footage With No Complicated Software

OnPoint won’t force you to learn complicated software, or require the design skills of a pro. With OnPoint in just a few moments, you’ll be able to create stunning videos in a huge variety of niches, that you never thought possible. OnPoint enables you to create fully edited, customized marketing videos to a world class standard with no complicated software, zero video skills and zero technical skills. OnPoint will be a perfect choice for all marketers and anyone who needs content to run a business. You will need it if you have a great video and you are tired of creating content for it. Besides, freelancers can use it.

OnPoint Software Commercial License Instant Download By Kevin Byrne

Why would you want OnPoint in your business?

  • Get world class, complete videos with just a few clicks.
  • Sell more product and services by standing out from the crowd.
  • Sell the videos to other small business owners with very little work from you.
  • Dominate social media and stand out in a crowded world.

With OnPoint You Can Create The Highest Quality Video Footage With No Complicated Software

  • High Quality Animated Text That Is Fully Editable. OnPoint video templates can be opened in PowerPoint and Keynote and the stunning animated text can quickly and easily be edited!. Simply change the dummy text for your business, your clients or a product you are promoting and you’re good to go!
  • Personalize Your Audio In Minutes. You can simply choose the one you like best and add it to the video template. These tracks are like nothing you’ve heard before. This quality would usually cost tens of thousands of dollars to have created!. You can also add a voice over to each video, so you can customize the feel, make special offers or describe your business personally!
  • Customize The Visual With Logos, Images & Footage. We have created our templates so you can easily insert yours or your clients logo. You can drag and drop beautiful images from the collection we provide! And you can even insert your own footage wherever you like. This allows you to quickly create high quality video, which is totally unique to you!
  • World Class Footage & Animations. The footage and animations in our video templates is like nothing you have ever seen before. Truly world class, ultra modern and created by professional videographers that live and breathe video. These templates are the first time this standard of video has been put in the hands of every-day business owners and marketers like you!
  • Stunning Stories Ready To Dominate Social Media. In each package, we have also included a 15 second ‘Story” which can be edited, customized and then used on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat or WhatsApp. Social media stories are not going away, and to truly stand out today, we all need high quality video content that is optimized for them!

With OnPoint you can generate full-length promo videos, social videos, and even sales videos in minutes by just arranging done-for-you scene templates in an order you want them to play. You no longer need to pay hundreds of dollars for some special software or spend hours and hours of time to create them.