Carvly App Create & Post Unique Content To All Your Social Accounts

Carvly is a one stop tool to automate you digital marketing campaigns. With Carvly you can create and post unique content to all your social accounts. With this tool, you can create social media graphics that way you envisage it. Not just that, you can start scheduling posts on multiple social media networks at the same time. Carvly is the all in one design automation tool, and your social media manager that creates, schedules, posts, drip feeds and even gets you audience reactions to help you make fast and easy social media profits. Carvly next generation digital marketing automation tool with a sophisticated built-in visual and video editor for creating, sharing and capturing leads for major social media networks.

Carvly Software Pro By Karthik Ramani Instant Download

Carvly will automate your digital marketing campaigns and that means all you need to do is :

  • Create landing pages with opt-in form and obtain leads.
  • Analytics included.
  • Auto-responder integration.
  • Image Editor using 6,000,000+ images and 100K+ icons.
  • Create Video Snippets using the advanced Video Editor.
  • Publish content & ads for your social media accounts.
  • Search, create and auto-post or schedule images and videos created automatically for your niche using AI technology

With Carvly App, you get

  • Unlimited Content With A Visual Image Editor, Use our highly advanced Visual Image Editor to create your content with attractive, hi-definition, engaging images (over 6 million images to choose from).
  • Use Carvly’s video editor to create your video content and schedule or post it. Infographics videos are a rage in the market as it is received widely in the market. Creating these videos are now a breeze with Carvly. Not only that you can also create interesting gifs with this editor.
  • Manage multiple social media profiles, groups and pages. Publish your posts immediately or drip feed across your accounts with an automated scheduler. Link and manage all your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr and many more.
  • Use your time effectively with the CarvBot. Carvbot is personal social media manager right there. Just feed in your keywords and CarvBot will auto search, create and auto post the required feed on your pages as per schedule decided by you. Consider it a reliable team member in 2017.

Carvly is a digital marketing automation tool with an extensive built-in visual and video editor for creating, sharing and capturing leads for various online channels. Carvly is a must have tool that makes graphics come to life. A great way to enhance your social media campaigns.