Breeze Builder Build Lead Capture Pages & Email Templates With Ease!

Breeze Builder is brand new software and it’s a powerful email marketing suite that is a perfect combination of landing page builder, lead capture page builder and Email template builder to boost your optins and conversions like nobody’s business. With Breeze Builder you can create beautiful landing pages that will have your visitors hungry to give over you’re their email address in exchange for your product or service. Breeze Builder integrates with all autoresponders and email services. Simple drop in the form code and you’re away. BreezeBuilder is a top-end software that allows you to build landing pages, lead capture pages and email templates with ease. It also gives you a full drag-and-drop e-mail builder which automatically leads to better quality list, higherresponse rate and more profits.

Breeze Builder Pro Pack Instant Download By Craig Crawford

Get best leads & high email marketing revenues with Breeze Builder Software

  • With Breeze Builder you can build your own custom templates.
  • Super easy and quick to use.
  • 50+ ready-made eye-catching designs.
  • All tools in one easy to use interface.
  • Export all templates in HTML to use with your favorite editor.
  • Free hosting on all pages.
  • With Breeze Builder you can create beautiful looking emails in seconds with stunning email templates.
  • Effortlessly build opt in pages at the speed of light to capture the best leads.
  • Easily create customer converting landing pages to capture the best buyers.

Breeze Builder Fast Action Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: Link Cloaker. Easily and quickly protect your outgoing links from Predators and Googles prying eyes so that your emails glide through the spam filters and stay safe from URL blocklists that will get you your emails blocked and destroy your email credibility.
  • Bonus #2: Email clicks statistics reporter. Effortlessly get the most important information at your fingertips… so you can measure what’s working and what’s not with Breeze Builder’s Powerful click tracker reporter. This way you can focus In on what makes the profits and make even more Money.
  • Bonus #3: IP Server and Domain health checker. Easily and quickly disassociate with these people and restore your reputation with Breeze Builder’s server health checker. So if you’re put on a bad server, you can contact your Autoresponder company and ask to me moved to a good one.
  • Bonus #4: Email text Spam ‘Curse Word’ checker. Easily and quickly check your emails against 1800 known words and phrases that will land you in the spam folder as soon as you press send. You could be sending ‘clean’ emails that land straight in the inbox and get opened and clicked and be pulling in profits almost immediately.

Now with Breeze Builder you can produce stunning visitor magnets with 50+ super-high-converting, ready-to-use templates you can customize. Breeze Builder gives you a full drag-and-drop e-mail builder to ensure you shine out from the rest of the emails that bombard your subscriber’s inboxes daily.